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Seminet has been designing and building process control equipment for over 40 years.  We started with wet benches and then developed a full product family of precision air handlers, integrated tool enclosures, wafer handlers, reticle handlers and stockers and other fab automation tools.  We are a vertically integrated company that designs, builds, tests and services our own tools. Our tools have been  installed all over the world.  We continue to develop new products to stay ahead of the demanding requirements of the semiconductor, biotech and aerospace industries.

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Humayun has over 35 years of management experience across semiconductor and aerospace industries. Humayun has a BS and MS in Aerospace engineering from Cal Tech. Prior to starting Seminet, Humayun held senior management positions at Duetche Lufthansa AG, Air Bus-Industrie, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Boeing. At Boeing he was the head of operations for the Everett, WA plant. Humayun’s vast experience runs the gamut of manufacturing, engineering and management.

Humayun Kabir


Greg Krikorian

Greg has over 30 years of professional engineering experience across semiconductor, aerospace and electronics industries.  He has been involved with engineering and manufacturing of complex automation systems and solutions for high tech applications.  With a BS and ME in Mechanical Engineering, Greg’s skills include Design, Manufacturing, Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Cross-functional Team Leadership, and Program Management.  Greg’s experience combined with a focus on developing a successful team, drives our engineering and manufacturing team to produce industry leading solutions for our customers.

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