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BioTech Solutions

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Tissue used for artificial heart valves and other medical procedures goes through extensive quality control procedures including thickness measurement and visual inspection to insure correct size for the specific application and uniformity across the sample.  Historically, technicians must train for many years to perform these inspections visually and with simple mechanical gauges.  Seminet has created 2 automation tools to facilitate this process, increase throughput and allow technicians to capture data that can be used for quality control and process analysis.




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Precision temperature and humidity controlled environment provided in a process specific enclosure.  These integrated environmentally controlled enclosures are adjustable from hot and wet to cold and dry conditions to simulate different growing conditions for any species.   These enclosures are also used to control the manufacturing conditions for material processing used in biotech applications. The enclosures can vary in size from table top for lab activities to large (8ft x 40ft x 8ftH) chambers for processing or production growing of full size plants.  The ability to precisely control and track temperature, humidity, air flow and lighting 24/7 allows the customer to maintain optimum growing conditions and increase productivity and improve quality regardless of the ambient (outdoor) conditions.

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Bench top device measures tissue thickness and provides visual Pass/Fail feedback to operator.  Measurement locations and sequence are programmable by the customer.  Contact pressure is monitored for each lot to insure consistency.  Fixtures are available for small (10mm sqr) to large tissue samples so thickness can be checked at multiple stages in the production process.  All data is stored and available for further analysis and quality records at any time.

Bench top device uses high resolution camera for visual inspection to measure edge roughness (or smoothness) and surface anomalies.  Pass/Fail criteria is programmable and all data is stored and available for further analysis and quality records at any time.

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