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Reticle Management

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What We Provide

Seminet products support Reticles:

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Industry leading storage of up to 13,500 bare reticles and the highest storage density of up to 45 reticles per square feet. 



Industry leading 10 micron inspection capability, automated reticle transfers, and automatic reticle orientation for stepper compatibility. 



Unique Automatic Inspect-and-clean capability with a High - ISO Class 2 cleanliness level.

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For over 20 years Seminet has supplied process automation equipment and precision environmental control solutions to hundreds of Semiconductor fabs world-wide.



Seminet provides advanced automated reticle equipment for historically manual activities including tissue thickness measurement & visual inspection, process control.

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Global Supplier

With service and installation teams in the US and Europe, Seminet’s support organization is ready to support a fab anywhere in these regions. Our extensive parts network ensures worldwide availability.

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Advanced Tech

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.


“Our experience with a competitor’s product was far from ideal. We bought the Seminet stocker because it was the most cost effective based on dollars per reticle, highest capacity and reticles per square foot.”

Head of procurement for a major world-wide semiconductor fab

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