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Reticle Stockers

The Seminet Stocker is ultra-clean, fully automated reticle storage solution. We provide industry leading storage of up to 13,500 bare reticles and the highest storage density of up to 45 reticles per square feet. Our third-generation modular design is configurable for 1,500, 3,900, 8,700 or 13,500 reticles.

End effector Seminet.jpg

Reticle Handlers


The Seminet Reticle Handler is the fourth generation in automated reticle handling, inspection, and cleaning of 6" inch square reticles. 

  • Unique Automatic Inspect-and-Clean capability 

  • Industry leading 1 micron inspection capability

  • Automated reticle transfers between shipping boxes and stepper pods

  • Automatic reticle orientation for stepper compatibility


Pod Buffer

The Seminet Pod Buffer provides a space efficient solution for Pod storage in an automated cleanroom environment with the following features:

  • Stores 16-48 FOUP/SMIFs or Reticle SMIFs

  • Stand alone or Integrated with any OEM tool

  • Supports AGV, PGV and OHT Delivery

  • GEM Messaging to Host or integrated with OEM tool

Carousel Pod Stocker

The Seminet Carousel Pod Stocker proivdes a spaced-efficient solution for Pod storage in an automated cleanroom environment.

  • Stores any pod, or shipping box

  • Available in various heights to use chase depth to store carriers as opposed to bay width

  • Capacity can be 100”s to 1000”s depending on height available and pod size.

  • Cleanroom environment inside stocker by using HEPA filters to provide laminar flow top to bottom and exhaust fans for areas with moving parts.

  • Supports AGV, PGV and OHT Delivery

  • Inventory tracking software with GEM comm to host for realtime updates and status.

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