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The Seminet Reticle Handler is the fourth generation automated reticle handling, inspection, and cleaning tool for 6" reticles providing the following capabilities:

  • Unique Automatic Inspect-and-Clean capability enables our tool to clean reticles without manual intervention

  • Industry leading 1 micron inspection capability

  • Automated reticle transfers between shipping boxes and stepper pods in a clean environment eliminates the risk of contamination from manual handling

  • Automatic reticle orientation for stepper compatibility

How We Compare
Product Details & Options

Q1. Does your handler automatically orient the reticle based on the stepper it is going to?


Yes. Our handler comes configured to orient reticles automatically.

Q2. Do you offer blow off options?

Yes, we have two blow off options – pin-point nozzle and top and bottom air knifes. All options are recipe driven.

Q3. Are there consumables for your handler?


Q4. Can customers create their own recipes?


Q5. Does the tool come with standard recipes?


Q6. Can Seminet customize the software for our needs?


Q7. How often do you have to check the robot calibration?

Our built-in vision system does this continuously.

Customer Testimonial

 “Our existing reticle handler supplier had old technology which there were no longer supporting. We scanned the market for replacements and Seminet’s reticle handler has the latest technology and comes with a multitude of options to meet our needs." 


Reticle engineer for a major world-wide semiconductor fab

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