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The Seminet Stocker is ultra-clean, fully automated reticle storage solution. We provide industry leading storage of up to 13,500 bare reticles and the highest storage density of up to 45 reticles per square feet. Our third-generation modular design is configurable for 2,600, 3,000, 3,900, 8,700 or 13,500 reticles.

How We Compare

* Density value includes required service area.

Product Details & Options

Q1. If your stocker is down how do I get my reticles out?

Our system allows a authorized technician to open the door and grab any reticle.

Q2. Does your stocker automatically orient the reticle based on the stepper it is going to?

Yes. Our stocker comes configured to orient reticles automatically.

Q3. Do you offer blow off options?

Yes, we have two blow off options – pin-point nozzle and top and bottom air knifes. All options are recipe driven.

Q4. How many load ports can your handler have?

Up to 4, configurable.

Q5. Are there consumables for your stocker?


Q6. How much downtime does your handler require for maintenance?

Maximum a day a year

Q7. Can your system handle operator intervention with an overhead transport system? 


Q8. Can customers create their own recipes?


Q9. Does the tool come with standard recipes?


Q10. Can Seminet customize the software for our needs?


Q11. What types of alerts does your software provide? 

Alarms, inspection fail, inspection trends

Q12. If the stocker is down can you access a reticle manually?

Yes, simply open the door and pick from the shelf.

Customer Testimonial

“Our experience with a competitor’s product was far from ideal. We bought the Seminet stocker because it was the most cost effective based on dollars per reticle, highest capacity and reticles per square foot.”

Head of procurement for a major semiconductor fab

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