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Pellicle Demounter

Automatic pellicle removal with NO glue residue left behind

The Seminet Pellicle Demounter is the next generation in automated pellicle removal from 6 inch reticles leaving NO glue residue behind.*

  • Fully-automated Demounter eliminates contamination and potential damage from manual handling

  • Configurable recipes allow tight process control for your specific needs

  • Reduces the need for using harsh cleaning methods which increases the life of the reticle while reducing hazardous waste

* Test results for reticle + pellicle combinations tested, results may differ for other combinations not yet tested.  Customers are invited to provide samples for free trials.​​

How We Compare
Early Access Program

Free Trial


Submit reticle-pellicle combinations for removal.


Recommended three samples of each reticle-pellicle combination required.


Customers are invited to submit as many reticle-pellicle combinations as they want, up to 5.

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